All About Marinduque Butterfly

Butterflies are one of the most fascinating and beautiful insects. Watching them tremble in the rows of colorful and fragrant flowers, you smile.

In Marinduk there is a place where you can watch butterflies !!! Welcome to the “Marinduque Lepidoptera Farm and Garden“, which is located in Barangay Uno, Gasan Marinduk.

MARINDUQUE,  the heart of the Philippines archipelago, the famous home of his festive colorful Moriones rituals, held during the Great Season, where local people intricately copy biblical Roman soldiers, as well as arrays of Syrian mercenaries, celebrating on the island of Marinduk. Locals use morion masks to depict soldiers in memory of the Passion of Christ, where the Marinduk is best known and known.

Come to this gift, this island in the shape of Marinduk’s heart was even more admired by its fascinating islands of the famous paradise found on earth. More of its heavenly islands – Buenavista, where the famous resort and spa center of the island of Bellaroca, the city of Hasan, the Cultural Center of the Nerves of the province, Santa Cruz island, the largest city in the province and Torrijos, home to Poctoy White Beach. Where Boak, the provincial capital of the notable Senakulo Marinduk, part of the “Morion Ribbon Rites”, each of which lives in the province, is now flaunted as the “Butterfly Center of the Philippines” not only because of the rapid ascent of butterfly farms in the province of No and Great concern of the local population about the cultural and environmental problems of Marinduk.

Thus, in order to maintain and protect interests, local government not only created an order to create an integrated family, but also a tree-based community and a butterfly promulgation program that will further enhance the goal that was developed and written as the Derevo and the Butterfly Decree on Distribution in 2002-07. According to section IV of section 18, which specifies the DECLARATION OF SAINT-PARKING. The territorial jurisdiction of the municipality of Boack is hereby declared as a refuge for all kinds of butterflies in order to preserve biodiversity, as stipulated in the decree. In addition, with respect to the existing regulation on the implementation of the rules and regulations, it not only affects the interests of the local butterfly industry, but also maintains great devotion by developing another regulation that creates livelihood opportunities and economic recovery for families and communities with a program for mass reproduction and culture Butterflies, so that the Marinduk area not only cares, but also unconditionally loves its further source of life. The place is not very big. It looks like a small garden in the backyard with a closed green house (with green mesh in the form of a wall), filled with butterflies.

Once inside there is a lady (which I forgot to ask the name and who is also the owner) who will meet you in the garden. Before going to the butterfly house, it will give visitors a brief history of Marinduk. For example, as Marinduk got its name, other tourist places in the province, etc. D. Etc. D. For a fee you can take the butterfly home, make a wish, then let it go. This is an added pleasure for children and, possibly, adults.

Unfortunately, do not expect a large and large garden the size of a hectare. Like what I said above, this is a small garden, and the butterfly house has the size of a tiny bedroom, but I think that children will certainly appreciate and experience the joy of watching butterflies flying around like flower petals. It is also an educational tour for them minus reptiles, mammals and other species of wildlife. In addition, this is a great opportunity to learn about another life cycle of animals.

By the way, like any other tourist places, there is a souvenir shop in front of the garden in which you can buy T-shirts, shawls, pencils, toys, magnets and other items!

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