How to attract butterflies to a garden

The following are some of the ways in which one can attract butterflies to his or her garden:

  1. Growing of native plants – Native plants include naturally growing plants that freely grow on the planet. Growing such kind of plants will help support your local market farmer. It is therefore necessary that the planet provides its own crops that are easy to care for. By doing this you will easily support the local pollinators and other local fauna that have evolved with the local flora.
  2.  Ditching certain pesticides – Farmers should reduce the use of chemicals that are toxic to butterflies.This does not necessarily mean that you stop controlling pests in your garden, but some particular pesticides such as malathion, diazinon and sevin are harmful to butterflies and therefore results to death of a large number of pollinators. If the land you use is communal, feel free to inform the rest of the members about the harm of using certain specified chemicals.
  3. Plant for continuous bloom – You should try to plant flowering plants in such a way that when one plant stops to bloom, the other starts mainly because butterflies need nectar through out their life cycle. Nectar acts as a source of food for butterflies and like other biological organisms they cannot survive without food. Once butterflies lack nectar, they migrate to a new environment.
  4. Feed butterfly caterpillar – Bearing in mind that butterflies are the adult’s life cycle of a caterpillar, you should make sure that you feed caterpillars properly to ensure the population of butterflies does not reduce. The good thing about butterfly caterpillar is that they do not cause leaf damage on crops unlike other caterpillars such as bagworms and tent caterpillars.
  5. Enough sunlight – Even if you have a small piece of land you should bear in mind that butterflies like sunny environments. You should therefore ensure that the environment is open for sufficient sunlight. Sun light is essential because butterflies Feed in full sun.
  6. You should plant the right colours – Butterflies like bright colours such as red, pink and orange and therefore you should make sure that blossoms have got the right colours to attract butterflies. You should also make sure that blossoms have phlat bases or relatively short flowering tubes.
  7. Plant the correct milkweed – Monarchs feed on milkweeds of which exists in many types. If you plant the wrong milkweed it might not be good for your monarchs. It is therefore advisable to be concerned with the type of milkweed that best suit your local butterflies. You should research on the most suitable milkweed for butterflies in your local area. Feel free to ask if you are not sure.
  8. Create good butterfly spas – By spas i mean a warm environment. You do not necessarily need to invest on a hot tub or even a sauna but butterflies require a little bit of R and R. They like resting in full sun on Nice phlat rocks. This will draw butterflies in to your garden. Butterflies also like puddling which involves hanging out on damp mud or sand. You can easily create a puddling spot for butterflies by filling the pans with sand and some water which are then left in open areas for maximum sunlight.
  9. Leaving fallen fruit under fruit tree – Painted lady and admiral feed on fruit juice found in fallen over ripened plums, pears and apples during the late summer periods. The over ripe fruits therefore help to attract butterflies. Therefore if you have an orchard, just leave the fallen fruits to over ripen and serve as food for butterflies. Most butterflies also like watermelons especially very ripe ones because of the sugary content they contain.

Butterflies like warm areas and therefore this is one of the most crucial requirements alongside with sugary fruits and nectar.

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