Benefits of Butterflies

We all know those beautiful, flying insects that are as colorful as a rainbow that we call butterflies. Even though butterflies are very often well known for their beauty, they also come with benefits. Butterflies are more likely to be seen in a place that has a lot of plants, specifically flowers. They play a role in pollination along with the bees. If you’ve ever seen a butterfly or a few in a beautiful garden with many bright and colorful flowers, those butterflies are often times working their hardest to produce more beauty in the garden as well as retrieve the nutrients that they need for themselves. The brighter the colors, the more the butterflies are present in the area. Butterflies see colors differently than humans and in some ways their eyes see more colors then the human eye can see. They are attracted to bright colors and flowers. Butterflies tend to avoid agricultural land since they lack plant life. The more plant life, the more that butterflies will be present. Gardens are healthy for butterflies and gardens help the butterflies survive.

As unfortunate as it seems, butterflies play a significant role in the food chain for birds, lizards, etc. Even though butterflies are beautiful, resemble innocence and put countless of smiles on peoples’ faces, they still have nutrients to other insects and animals. They still have a prey that is going to be in hunger for them. It is the circle of life as how they mentioned it in Disney’s “The Lion King“. Butterflies in often times are not around fields too much. Fields often produce only 1 plant at a time leaving butterflies no room or them to feast or reproduce. In gardens, butterflies are free to do both feasting and reproducing that while having all the nutrients that they need to survive all around them. Butterflies are amazing insects.

Butterflies seem content by colorful flowers and plants that give them a lot of nutrients. Butterflies are also considered an indicator species. An indicator species is a species that can be heavily affected by the environment that surrounds them. Butterflies are highly sensitive to climate, toxins, pollution, and any other changes in the environment. They only ever come out in warm climates. For example, notice how you rarely and hardly ever see any butterflies in the winter, or when it is cold and raining. They like the warmth of the sun on their wings and not only that, warmer climates are healthy for them as colder climates can be dangerous. They are able to retrieve their needs easier in warmer temperatures.

If you want to attract bugs in your garden, avoid using any kinds of pesticides in your garden. It can be toxic for butterflies or it can repel them from your garden. The colors they are attracted to the most are vibrant colors such as orange, yellow, red, purple, and dark pink. It is pretty amazing how an insect so beautiful and so fragile can have benefits to the other insects around them.

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